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How can you create value for me?

Free of charge, we provide research on the markets you sell in and your competitors. The question we’re trying to answer is how much more should you be selling than you currently are?

We present a report that answers that question and explains the steps to achieve that growth.

Whether you work with us or not this research and audit is yours to keep and use as you please.

When it comes to achieving that growth, our team specializes in managing the following marketplaces:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot

The following ad consoles:

  • Google Ad console
  • Facebook Ad console

In addition, we build and manage custom ecomm sites on the Shopify platform.

In our management of brands online we leverage over 8 years of ecomm experience, along with proprietary software that gives our clients a competitive advantage they won’t find working with any other service provider.

Who are you?

We’ll spare you the stock photos of people sitting around a table laughing and drinking coffee. This is us. The actual people who will manage and scale your online sales channels.

We're not some behemoth marketing firm that makes outlandish promises shortly before taking your hard-earned money and delivering next to nothing. We don’t promise things we can’t deliver, and we don’t compromise our values.

We have a passion for helping people with drive, ambition, and a passion for what they do. If you’re interested in a partner that will speak to you honestly, be committed for the long haul, and invest in your success then you’ve come to the right place.

Why am I getting emails from you?

You’re getting emails from us for one of two reasons:

  • We’ve studied your brand and have ideas about how it could capture more market share.
  • Or
  • Our partners would like to invest in or acquire your company.

You’re probably getting emails from this guy.

His name is Jan. We are busy people and know you are too. We value our time and yours. We wouldn’t be reaching out unless we thought we had something worthwhile to say.

How are you different from competitors?

It’s a great question. We’ve noted below our key differentiators and how we’ve chosen to stand out from the competition.

Softwares Used:

Competition: Uses a combination of Jungle Scout and H10 for all the research and data work associated with estimating market size and potential. Anyone can access these tools for less than several hundred dollars a month.

Hometown Industries: Has access to Jungle Scout and H10 like our competitors but has built and is actively developing software products proprietary to our firm. These tools give us an unrivaled advantage in the areas of revenue estimates, advertising for Amazon, and SEO. Three of the most important levers a seller has to move the needle. Our investment in building our own tech is part of a commitment to give clients a competitive advantage they won't find anywhere else.

Paid Advertising:

Competition: They lack the sophistication we have and it shows in their client's results. We know this because they subcontract and white label our team to do all the ad work on their most important client accounts. They drive up ACOS and increase sales at the expense of their client's margins, and the end result is a lot of businesses not operating profitably or as profitably as they could be on Amazon.

Hometown Industries: When it comes to advertising you'd be hard pressed to find anyone better than our team. We've dedicated years to honing our approach and are the premiere experts in this space. We can run campaigns that hit any target ACOS a client gives, which allows us to scale sales while ensuring profitability for our clients. We routinely take over accounts that were previously operating unprofitably with an out of control ACOS and turn them around. We've written at a high level about our approach here.

SEO for Amazon:

Competition: Competition: They have no way to track at scale if the changes they have implemented are positively impacting search rank for relevant keywords and phrases over time. They are all offering their clients the same thing, which is keyword research and maybe the implementation of that research in the client's listings.

Hometown Industries: We've built a proprietary tool that allows us to do keyword research, implement that research, and then track the effectiveness of that at scale. This gives us an advantage in the organic SEO space for Amazon that no one else has

Term Structure:

Competition: They will try to lock in their client's for long term agreements and commitments.

Hometown Industries: After the first 90 days all of our agreements are month to month. The only means we have to keep our clients around is to deliver an incredible service and ROI because they are under no contractual obligation to keep using our services for any extended period of time.

Can you help me sell my business or get investment?

We certainly can! We are connected to the most serious buyers and investors in the consumer product’s space. If you are interested in going on that journey let’s talk.

What People Say

Before I met Wes and Jan, I was spread so unbearably thin as a self-employed and underspecialialized entrepreneur. I was breaking the bearings on my operation, already juggling design work, manufacturing, logistics, and fulfillment. At my limit, I learned that every modern online selling platform offered the following; a plethora of metrics and data that I was hopeless to make the time for comprehending and implementing. Digital ad platforms are a vast frontier in my eyes - and while I was curious about the ins and outs, I was connected to Hometown Industries at the most opportune time. I consider myself lucky in fact, had they not stepped in when they did, my operations may otherwise have buckled under the additional complexities behind campaign integration, strategy, and oversight. I almost certainly would have fumbled on my own. It's been such a short amount of time so far, and growth has already been unbelievably off the charts - due to the highly specialized expertise of Wes, Shane, and Jan. Recent growth has been so dramatic in fact that my biggest problem has been keeping up with this unprecedented demand. I find myself having to adapt to keep up with Hometown Industries while together we navigate the ever-changing Amazon horizon, while selflessly inviting me to establish my business elsewhere across the E-commerce landscape. Not to mention they make themselves available via phone and text nearly around the clock. So they're okay I guess! Great folks! 😉

- Dawson Cannon

CEO of Paint Puck

We have been working with Hometown Industries for several weeks now. The team there is amazing! They have pretty much helped us manage every part of our Amazon listing from keyword optimization to helping us set up our storefront, to managing our advertising campaigns. Even a little bit of pricing strategy. Since we've been working with Hometown Industries, we have probably seen a 4x increase in sales, which has been incredible, but overall just really love working with these guys.

- Michelle Wright

COO of Cosmo Technologies

"I hired Hometown Industries to optimize and manage PPC for my e-commerce business. The team has exceeded my expectations with their reliability, responsiveness and results. I highly recommend Hometown Industries!"

- Delan Barrett

Owner of Green Pollywog

We've been working with Hometown Industries for almost a year and I've loved working with them. As far as ad spend goes, we're a lot more confident in how our money is being spent, and we love the returns that they're getting for us. What I like most about their service is their analytical approach to amazon in general and specifically how they handle our amazon ad spend. I like their monthly reporting, their ownership of numbers, and I just feel confident that they're looking after our brand the way that it needs to be looked after.

- Dale Majors

Part Owner of Grand Trunk

"We have been working with Hometown Industries for a couple of years now. Great experience, very knowledgeable and very responsive. They can tackle all aspects of my Amazon FBA business. We are lucky to have them!"

- Robin Kershner

Founder and CEO Huxley & Kent LLC

Hometown Industries has really really helped me and my company. The main way I would say is they've helped me grow the company by taking over all of my PPC advertising and all of seller central. This has freed me to spend more time developing new products and growing the company. In addition to that, they've really helped guide me with a lot of that growth. It's nice to have people that have so much experience and are just a phone call away or an email away. They’re just a great team to work with and I've had such a positive experience.

- Douglas Megill

Founder of Optage Audio

Healthy Human was seeking an agency that could assist with all marketplace channels including Amazon US & International and eBay. After reviewing a number of options and checking references we selected Hometown Industries. We have been very satisfied with the level of service received. There was a step-by-step onboarding process where goals and objectives were reviewed. The Hometown team has assisted with listing improvements, ad-spends, new listing creation, and general channel operations. We would have no hesitation in recommending Hometown to new or established brands looking at increasing their channel sales.

- Richard Stanton

CEO of Healthy Human
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