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What We Offer

Full Service Amazon Account Management

We manage everything inside your Amazon seller central account.

Amazon PPC Advertising

We manage and deliver your Amazon advertising campaigns.

SEO Copywriting

We write SEO optimized sales copy for all your Amazon listings so they rank well in organic search.

Amazon Market Research

We research the market for your product on Amazon and provide you with detailed analytics and market data.

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Who We Are

Like you, we're real people running a real business. We get tired. We get stressed. We're human. Because we're people just like you, we're capable of understanding you and the needs of your business.

We're not some behemoth marketing firm that makes outlandish promises shortly before taking your hard-earned money and delivering next to nothing. We don’t promise things we can’t deliver, and we don’t compromise our values.

We have a passion for helping people with drive, ambition, and a passion for what they do. If you’re interested in a partner that will speak to you honestly, be committed for the long haul, and invest in your success then you’ve come to the right place.

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What People Say

Hometown Industries is the best! They are super easy to work with, and they are very efficient. Since I have started working with them, my business has nearly doubled in size and I have become more confident in my sales numbers and margins. I have also been able to reach way more customers than I would have otherwise been able to on my own. If you want to take your business to the next level, you should definitely consider using Hometown Industries.

- Hannah Raycraft

CEO of Spera Foods

Hometown Industries has been a great fit for my business! They're experts in what they do, and I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of their service. As someone running a bootstrapped business, I loved the mutual accountability and flexibility of their profit sharing model. To me, it showed they really believed in what they were doing and were committed for the long haul.

- Russel Fye

CEO of Ringcam

I hired Hometown Industries to help with my newly launched product on Amazon. They were extremely professional, very knowledgeable (helped me make more money), and very fun to work with. I would HIGHLY recommend Hometown Industries.

- Matt Baxter

CEO of Competetive Wedge

I am so happy I hired Hometown Industries to help with my Amazon account. I was trying to manage my own account and drop ship for about two months before I emailed Wesley and Jan. I had been in contact with them months prior and I finally bit the bullet. I am overjoyed with how easy they have made this process. Prime/FBA sounded scary, but they made it the easiest switch. Their communication is superb and they are always looking at how to improve the account.

- Kristen Waters

CEO of Tiger Butter Co

I have never before had such a wonderful service experience. The customer service along with the results my business has experienced are seriously amazing. My only regret is not learning about Hometown Industries sooner.

- Justin Handa

CEO of League Tactical

Full Services

Full Service Amazon Account Management

Our team will take full responsibility for the management, optimization, and growth of your companies seller central account. This includes but is not limited to Amazon PPC advertising campaigns, SEO optimized sales copy, Customer Service, Review Management, and Buybox optimization.

Amazon PPC Advertising

Our team will create and management some of the best Amazon PPC ad campaigns for your products available on the market today. Our Amazon advertising strategies are unique to us and informed by our proprietary algorithm. We understand advertising on Amazon at a level that is unrivaled by our competition. We're so good that other firms actually white label our services for their clients. If you're serious about scaling your PPC ads on Amazon then you've come to the right place..

Amazon SEO Copywriting

Our team of copywriters will do research on your competitors and reverse engineer their organic keyword strategies. They will translate this into custom SEO optimized sales copy for all your Amazon listings. When their work is done you can be confident that your listings have what it takes to be ranked well by the Amazon A9 search algorithm.

Amazon Market Research And Due Dilligence

Are you looking to buy another company? Move into a new market or industry? We provide custom reporting and analytics on specific markets and industries. We will empower you with the information to make business decisions that are backed and informed by real market data.

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