Storage and Fulfillment

Domestic & International Shipping Pallet & Freight Shipping Packaging to ship orders Individual Shipment Return Pallet Return
TBD/order TBD/order TBD $0.75/order $10/pallet
Receiving Pallet Storage Pick and Pack International Order Handling Pallet Out FBA Prep Per Unit
$30 an hour $20/pallet per month $1.30/order + $0.30/unit $0.25/order $10/pallet $0.25

Leverage our logistics for your business

Effective management of logistics and economically sound order processing are essential for the prosperity of your businesses. This is where our inclusive preparation and packaging services for Amazon FBA and various other logistic and fulfillment solutions prove essential.

At Hometown Industries, our focus lies in delivering optimized logistics that empowers your business to thrive.

Amazon FBA Pack & Prep Service

Our services in this realm aim to facilitate an effortless product preparation process for shipment to Amazon's fulfillment centers. With a wealth of experience aligned with Amazon’s specific needs, we ensure your inventory is meticulously managed and packaged, adhering to all FBA protocols and compliance norms.

Inventory Inspection and Quality Control:

- We conduct thorough examinations of your products to assure quality compliance before dispatch to Amazon, ensuring that the customers receive impeccable products.

Product Labeling and Packaging:

- Upholding the essence of accurate labeling for efficient inventory handling, we manage product labels, including FNSKU, ASIN stickers, and additional packaging necessities, aligning with Amazon’s fulfillment prerequisites.

FBA Shipment Creation:

- We adeptly manage the creation of FBA shipments, ensuring products are proficiently directed to the appropriate fulfillment centers, saving businesses considerable time and energy.

Inventory Reconciliation:

- Our proficient team specializes in rectifying any discrepancies in inventory, ensuring consistency and accuracy in stock levels as per Amazon's systems.

Product Storage & Fulfillment

Beyond our Amazon-specific services, we offer extensive third-party logistics (3PL) and fulfillment strategies for orders across various platforms. Our services seamlessly synchronize with your business operations, managing the holistic fulfillment spectrum.

Order Processing and Inventory Management:

- Our refined systems simplify the order process and inventory tracking, ensuring impeccable accuracy, prompt updates, and providing comprehensive insights.

Pick, Pack & Ship:

- Our dedicated team focuses on the precise compilation and packaging of orders, using high-quality materials to ensure products are secure during transit.

Shipping & Delivery:

- Collaborating with reliable shipping services, we focus on providing timely and economically efficient delivery solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction remains paramount.

Returns and customer support

- We manage product returns and offer outstanding customer service, ensuring a smooth process, prompt exchanges, and effective customer communication, all aimed at upholding a brand's esteem.

Advantages of Partnering with Hometown Industries

Scalable Solutions:

- Our offerings are tailored to evolve with your business dynamics, suitable for both emerging entities and well-established operations.

Time and Cost Savings:

- Entrusting us with your logistical needs allows you to concentrate on fundamental business aspects, facilitating the efficient allocation of resources and fostering diverse business enhancements.